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Puppy Training – 3 Easy Ways

por tonyBarreira, em 29.09.16

puppy training


By far most individuals shy away when they think of puppy training. Unlike people who easily understand contemplations, it takes an amazingly long time with a lot of emphasis to have the ability to successfully train a puppy. Shockingly, what numerous individuals do not know is that puppy training can be a simple and agreeable undertaking if done in the correct way and at the ideal time. Below are 3 excellent stress-free ways of puppy training.

  1. Reward training 

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How to House Train A Puppy – Helpful Tips

por tonyBarreira, em 20.09.16

How to House Train A Puppy – Helpful Tips

House training a puppy may take some time but in order for you to successfully do this, it will take patience, consistency and of course, positive reinforcements. Your main goal here is not only learning how to house train a puppy, but also instilling good habits as well as building a loving bond. The entire process would probably last for around 4 to 6 months. For some puppies, there are times when the training would take for as long as a year or two.


So, where should you start in house training your puppy? Basically, it starts with the breed you want to train. Smaller breeds would have smaller bladders but have higher metabolisms. This may require them to have more frequent trips for a pee. There are other things that you must learn throughout the process, but you can always do a few things to get started with.




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The Leash training – when your dog is too excited to walk

por tonyBarreira, em 18.09.16

The Leash training – when your dog is too excited to walk



When the walk becomes dangerous…

Taking your dog for a walk is supposed to be one of those pleasant experiences; relaxing, enjoyable and memorable. However for many people it’s memorable for all the wrong reasons! Dragged down the street, pulled off your feet, arm yanked out of its socket, damaged wrists and a lot of stress.

It can actually be quite frustrating to see other dog owners with their dogs walking nicely beside them off leash!



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How to House Training your dog to walk on the leash

por tonyBarreira, em 16.09.16

How to House Training your dog to walk on the leash


How to House Training your dog to walk on the leash

Training your dog to walk on the leash gives you an idea of some of the basic steps that need to be put in place to help a dog understand how to walk nicely on the leash.

So often the start of the walk is rushed which can result in an over excited dog. To get your dog to walk by your side or to heel you need to take it slow.

If you are really interested in a complete dog training program then take a look at my video website The Online Dog Trainer


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How To Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog.

por tonyBarreira, em 15.09.16

How To Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog.

How To Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog

How To Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog

There’s a lot of talk about how to raise the perfect dog. It’s what we all want but the question is… do they exist?

I suppose the answer is a bit like… is there a perfect person? Of course, the answer to that is… Nope!

However there are some pretty great people out there, and there are some really amazing dogs too. So what’s the trick?

This is my best advice.

Before you get hung up about going to puppy school and learning how to do high-fives, roly-polies and the commando crawl, ask yourself this…


Is this what my dream dog does? Is my dream dog basically a performing monkey whom I wheel out when visitors come around so they can say “Wow that’s cool, how clever is he…How did you train him to do that…” and so on and so forth.

The kicker is that in many of these cases the next thing that the dog owner has to do is warn the visitors “Now…don’t go near his food bowl when he’s eating, and careful when you pat him not to go near his head, and keep the children away from his toys..!”

It’s crazy isn’t it?

We spend so much time and effort focusing on how to do commands such as sit and stay but never even think about some of the really important stuff. And when we do it’s often too late.



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How To Stop Your Puppy From Barking

por tonyBarreira, em 14.09.16

How To Stop Your Puppy From Barking


How To Stop Your Puppy From Barking

Few things in life can drive you crazy as a constantly puppy barking. Whether they have that deep shuddering “Woof, woof, woof” or that ear piercing “Yap, Yap, Yap” it can do your head in very quickly.

The great news is that barking is not something that puppies need to do in order to be happy. In fact, generally speaking barking is a sign of stress, frustration, anxiety or over excitement and none of these emotions are particularly good for your dog.

Or you!

Remember a content, relaxed dog does not bark!

So lets take a look at one specific type of barking and get you started on putting a stop to it…

Puppies who bark when you are not at home is a very common issue. Usually people have no idea that they have a problem until the neighbour or even worse the dog control officer pays you a visit. Understanding why your dog is barking is the key to stopping it so you can actually address the cause of your dogs problem and not just treat the symptoms.

Now bear with me on this one because… you MUST remember you have to see it all through your dogs eyes!

So think of it like this…

Your dog is a pack animal and understands that there are leaders and followers.

And one of the pack leader’s jobs is to protect the pack.




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How to house train a puppy – The Online Dog Trainer

por tonyBarreira, em 31.08.16

How to house train a puppy – The Online Dog Trainer 

How to house train a puppy The Online Dog Trainer –»

Enjoy a FREE trial of my site today. How to raise the perfect Puppy from looks at the most important things that you need to train your puppy and what is commonly taught at puppy school.

Training the sit, down and stay is good fun and can be useful but having a dog who is sociable and well behaved around other dogs and people is much more important.

Generally puppy school is not going to ensure that you achieve this. To understand what a puppy really needs check out my video website and the FREE trial at


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Realistically earn up to $500 online

por tonyBarreira, em 22.05.16


What if you could realistically earn up to $500 online in the
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You can!

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1 Nova Forma de se Ganhar Dinheiro em 2016

por tonyBarreira, em 12.01.16

Olá daqui Tony Barreira,


Os Lazy Millionaires League decidiram adicionar uma nova parceria ao seu portofólio de oportunidades.


Por forma a ajudar todos os seus membros a reforçar os seus ganhos residuais e a diversificar as suas fontes de rendimento, os Lazy Millionaires têm o prazer de anunciar a sua parceria com a empresa BBOM+.


Com a mudança do cambio entre o real e o dolar na razão de 4 por 1 tornou-se imperativo poder oferecer soluções mais adequadas para o marcado Brasileiro, depois de profunda analise concluímos que a empresa BBOM+ oferecia todas as condições para que os Lazy Millionaires pudessem fazer uma parceria de sucesso com uma das Oportunidades de negócio mais promissoras neste momento no mercado.


No entanto a solução da BBOM+ não é de forma alguma uma boa oportunidade somente no mercado Brasileiro, acreditamos por tudo o que vimos da empresa que ela será um sucesso a nível global também.

A missão, visão e valores dos Lazy Millionaires League continuam intocaveis, mais vivos que nunca.


Os Lazy Millionaires referem ainda que todas as parcerias anteriores mantêm-se inalteradas, esta não é uma substituição mas sim uma adição ao que todos os Lazy Millionaires já fazem.


Estamos como sempre focados em encontrar as melhores soluções de rentabilidade existentes no mercado para que os nossos membros possam atingir todos os objectivos a que se propõem.


Para saber mais acerca da empresa Bbom+ veja atentamente estes dois videos:

Explicação do projecto Bbom+

Porque escolhemos a Bbom+ , uma conversa com o Presidente da Bbom+ 

Para saber mais da Bbom+ :


Clica aqui para começar a receber mais informações sobre este projecto


Contacte-me por skype para o poder ajudar na estratégia e o poder integrar no nosso grupo de apoio ou esclarecer qualquer questão!




Está na hora de mudares as coisas na tua vida.

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Amanhã eu faço!

por tonyBarreira, em 04.01.16

Amanhã eu faço!

Você costuma deixar para amanhã o que pode (ou deve) fazer hoje? Atenção, você pode ser um procrastinador.


Amanha eu Faço

Amanha eu Faço

Muitas pessoas enfrentam dificuldades em seu cotidiano por estarem fortemente conectadas a um aspecto mental que alguns estudiosos chamam de “enfermidade do amanhã”. Outros designam apenas como procrastinação, que consiste no adiamento quase doentio das coisas que precisam ser feitas.

Basicamente é o seguinte: sempre se deixa  para depois (ou para amanhã) o que se pode (ou se deve) fazer/começar hoje.  É como chegar na venda do Seu Joaquim e ver a placa de alerta: “fiado só amanhã”. O aviso vai estar lá todos os dias, mas o amanhã nunca chega.

Ninguém promete a si mesmo começar uma dieta hoje. Sempre é para segunda-feira (e, na terça, desiste ou deixa para a próxima segunda). Porque fazer a faxina que a casa precisa há tempos justamente no domingo, o dia criado por Deus, nosso Senhor, para descansar? “Descanso hoje e no próximo eu faço a faxina”. E por aí vai.



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