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Important Points of your website to change while a CRO campaign is done

por tonyBarreira, em 08.04.14

10 Important Points of your website to change while a CRO campaign is done


With the advancement in internet and marketing techniques, it has become important for businesses to have a fully optimized website for an effective online presence. Therefore, Conversion Rate Optimization is employed in many business websites to increase quality traffic, sales and revenues.

CRO is a search marketing method that involves making suitable changes to a website so as to drive more visitors into performing a desired action; such as, making a transaction, subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a form, page etc. For businesses that are new to the online world, developing your website based on CRO is relatively easier. But, those who want to make changes to their website for better conversions find it problematic, as they don’t know where to begin.

Might you need to alter the position of a logo, color of a button, and size of the font, update the text on the webpage or maybe all of these things and much more needs to be changed to covert more users into buyers.  There are a lot of methods you can make use of to optimize your website for increased conversions. Listed below are 10 important points of your website to change while a CRO campaign is done:

  1. 1.      Allow easy navigation on your website

According to a survey, most users complain about having difficulty in navigation on the websites. If the users can’t locate what they are looking for, they are more likely to leave your website and search elsewhere.

Providing easy navigation is an important aspect of your website design and can be deployed using acceptable conventions – According to a website usability survey, users are most comfortable with tabbed navigation, minimum number of clicks, appealing , longer text links , site maps to guide users and left-to-right oriented navigation.


  1. 2.      Build a professional website design

A business website design needs to be professional in order to build the credibility of your business with the users. When a user visits your site, it only takes a moment to make or break the impression you would want to leave on them. So, a professional website design ensures that your website is fast, error-free, appealing and convincing.

A quick speeded website is important to provide a user-friendly experience to the visitors. Also, error-free (free of grammatical, design, style, factual and coding mistakes, as well as incomplete information) and appealing content are the essential elements to growing credibility.


  1. 3.      Convey maximum credibility of your logo

According to a survey on the importance of logos, the ‘source credibility-based’ logos have proven to raise conversion rates up to 4 times. Credibility- based logos encourage users to accept the messages that convince them to take the desired action.

Experts believe that an ideal logo should represent company’s core competence, place a symbol over, to the left of, or next to the company name,  promote credibility through features like trustworthy, dynamic, innovative, knowledgeable and others, place organized content and design, and make strong connection between the symbol and the name of the company.


  1. 4.      Use strong titles and headlines

In order to improve the conversion rate, you must ensure that the website headlines are catchy enough to grab the users’ attention. You can include the most important features and appealing offers of your product/ service in your headlines.

Think in terms of SEO when writing your titles and include keywords that you wish to target. Place most important keywords first, in the titles. Write a headline that asks the users to act according to your business objectives.


  1. 5.      Make a superb slogan

Your company’s slogan provides identity to your brand. It is important to have a simple yet unforgettable slogan that speaks for your company’s reputation and benefits in the best possible way. And also, set apart your brand from others, giving way to potential growth.

Nike’s ‘Just do it!’ is one of the examples of most memorable slogans.


  1. 6.      Place important content above the fold

Most of the online users navigate from left-to-right on the websites. Starting from the top left side, they read through to the right and then move to the left. Thus, ending up at the center of the page where the most important content of the website is expected to exist. Right side is good for placing calls to action, ads, testimonials, and guarantees. According to a survey, 76.5% of the visitors clicked on the links above the fold. So, placing important content in the first screen boosts conversions.


  1. 7.      Use interesting propositions and calls to action

You call users to action by providing an interesting proposition. It is on you to convince users to act through an appealing offer. For example, “Sign-up now” can be replaced with a motivational call to action like “Click here to download free trial version ABC”


  1. 8.      Include convincing and relevant content

Quality content on your website is important to increase conversion rate. Any website is useless without including content that is relevant, informative and convincing. Write content that asks to the needs of your customers and deploys benefits that grab their attention. It’s best to present your benefits list in the form of bullets.


  1. 9.      Grab attention through illustrative images of your product/service

Using high quality, relevant and clickable images on your website can improve your conversion rate. It is easy to add images for a product, but if you are selling a service, you can add images that signify the benefit and worth of your service. According to a study, the most read content items on the webpage are image captions and headlines. So, descriptive captions below the image are good for SEO.


10. Use interactive elements to ensure maximum interaction of users on the website

You can increase web usability and user experience by deploying interactive tools like audio, video, live chat, feedback forums and others in your website. For example, adding a video that demonstrates the advantages and benefits of your product/service can increase conversions.

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