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Talk Fusion.. A nova Forma de comunicar.... O seu negocio..

por tonyBarreira, em 08.12.13

Com os nossos melhores cumprimentos,

Envio uma apresentação de um excelente produto e uma grande oportunidade de negocio. Todos os dias Temos apresentações on-line pelo que gostaria de o convidar para uma apresentação;
entrem como convidados e escrevam o vosso nome

Hoje as 22:00 Horas Portugal (podem entrar 5 ou 10 minutos mais cedo)


deixem feedback

Tony Barreira

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The future in 2014

por tonyBarreira, em 21.11.13

Which Internet Marketing Trends Dominates in 2014

We are in the ending part of 2013 now. We have just passed an exciting year and learnt a lot from many ups and downs. We are heading to 2014 now. So, are we ready to survive in upcoming year? Can we compete with other competitors in 2014? You can only answer these questions when you know that which trends are coming towards us in 2014. All professional internet marketers found some trends which dominate in following year.



     Let’s see the trends which dominate in 2014.

  • Content Marketing will be the King: We have seen that many successful websites called-out from Google because of their lack of contents. On the other hand many new websites rank up and make healthy income from web because of their viral content. So, it is beyond question about the effectiveness of content. It will rule out the web following years.
  • More Social Media Marketing: Recent years we increased our engagement with social media sites. It is really useful to create a brand for your site. Our targeted sites were Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. But, it’s time to engage more social media sites because some sites like Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram contain more value than before.
  • Content with Proper images:

Last two or three years many image centric website like Pinterest and Buzzfeed get boost on the web. The main reason of success of those sites is images. Statistics say that content with proper image increase 94% more traffic on this content. So, it is high time to concentrate on images for your upcoming contents.

  • Responsive Websites:

Isn’t your site responsible for all devices? What the hell, do you know Forbes revealed a statistics that


“87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be tablets and smartphones.”


So, if you won’t make your site responsible for all kinds of devices then, you will be just kicked out from competition. It isn’t a tough task to make a site responsible. If you don’t know how to make it, then you had better contact with a developer who will do it. Believe me, it will make you alive in the competition.   

  • Search Engine Optimization


At last we have to analyze our site perfectly and make it SEO friendly. Some people always say that SEO is dead and it has no value. Google’s operational manager Matt Cutts said that not to worry about SEO impacts. It was, it is and it will rule the search engine all time. Marketers revealed new techniques all the time. So, whenever Google make any update, they also find out the solution of new update. This is a continuous process.


After all, make effective contents and do white hat SEO for your site. Every year comes with new challenges. If you can keep yourself clean about your preferences, then any updates can't affect you. Try to maintain those factors what I said just now and make a bang on the web. Best luck!  

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Talk Fusion.....

por tonyBarreira, em 09.11.13

Uma ferramenta... uma realidade.....

o nosso

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